Isla de Ometepe

Once thought to have been the promised land by Aztec explorers, Isla de Ometepe is made up of two imposing volcanic cones rising out of western Lake Nicaragua. Ometepe has been inhabited for thousands of years due to its fertile volcanic soils, and evidence of its past can be found in archeologic sites dotted all around the island. Most travelers come here for the sandy beaches, clean waters, diverse wildlife and stunning scenery, with numerous forests, waterfalls and springs in the island's center. Ometepe is beautiful, unique and one of Nicaragua's lesser-known highlights.

Experiences in Isla de Ometepe

Ometepe Island Highlights

Experience the highlights of Ometepe along with a local guide, learning about the nature and culture which »

Ometepe Island Nature Tour

Discover the natural beauty of Ometepe as you explore the island with a local guide. Your experience starts »

Istian River Kayak Experience

Take to the water as you kayak along the beautiful Istian River - home to a huge variety of Ometepe's »

hotels in Isla de Ometepe

Totoco Ecolodge

Totoco Ecolodge

On slopes of Maderas Volcano, not far from Balgue village, Totoco Ecolodge is as much an experience as it »

Finca San Juan de la Isla

Finca San Juan de la Isla

Located lakeside at Santo Domingo Beach, this laid-back and authentic Nicaraguan hacienda is a beautiful »

Ananda Guesthouse

Ananda Guesthouse

In a gorgeous setting at the foot of the Maderas Volcano, not far from Balgue village, Ananda Guesthouse »

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