Solentiname & San Juan River

Often overlooked by travelers, this remote region in southeastern Nicaragua is truly one of the country's hidden gems. Islas Solentiname is a small group of islands tucked away in the southern part of Lake Nicaragua, covered in tropical forests and home to a fascinating native community where art plays a huge part in people's lives. Nearby, the Río San Juan begins, flowing from the lake into the Caribbean Sea. Its path cuts through thick jungle along the border with Costa Rica, passing tiny villages and through the vast Indio Maiz Biosphere Reserve, home to diverse wildlife such as toucans, eagles, caiman, turtles, tropical frogs and a variety of monkeys. For a wild and authentic Nicaraguan experience, this region should not be missed.

Experiences in Solentiname & San Juan River

Indio Maiz Reserve & El Castillo

The vast Indio-Maíz Biosphere is home to many of Nicaragua's most famous species, including deer »

Los Guatuzos

The Los Guatuzos Wildlife Reserve, not far from Islas Solentiname, is one of the most extensive wetland »

Kayak Expedition - Rio San Juan

Embark on a true wilderness adventure and you join a kayak expedition along the majestic San Juan river »

hotels in Solentiname & San Juan River

Guacimo Lodge

Guacimo Lodge

Located on the edge of the vast Indio-Maiz Biosphere Reserve, this rustic, sustainable jungle lodge offers »

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